Lorraine Allanson - Motivational Speaker


"Lorraine is an amazing speaker, a pure natural who had me hanging on every word. I love her ability to be able to deliver her message with gravitas whilst mixing in her personality and humour."

Martyn Gill, Motivational speaker & entrepreneur

"I saw Lorraine speak at an energy industry conference I was attending in the UK on behalf of local residents who were supportive of economic development, business growth and job creation in their local area and the nation as a whole.

She was passionate and energetic about local jobs and local business involvement in an area, which, had suffered significantly over the years with the demise of the resource, engineering and manufacturing industries.

Lorraine was the perfect choice for a speaker to address the 250 delegates and not only did she engage and energise the crowd, she received a standing ovation – something I have not seen in my 28 years in the business!

It is a given that the attendees and local businesses left the conference feeling challenged and inspired – I was! "

Dave McNeill, Managing Director, Upstream Group Australia.


“I have seen Lorraine give speeches on the stump – without notes or preparation. She speaks from the heart and her charisma, passion and charm are gripping. She has her audiences hanging on every word – whether they agree with her not!”
Natascha Engel, former Labour MP and Commissioner for Shale Gas

"Lorraine is an engaging speaker who engages the audience with her anecdotal and personal style whilst delivering accurate and accessible information and content"

Alan Linn Operations Director Third Energy.