Lorraine Allanson - Keynote Speaker
Motivation is the key word!

I encourage people to find their voice, to grow their confidence and to feel empowered.

There is only one thing that holds you back in life, and thats yourself! 

I have never believed that being a women should restrict what you can achieve in life or inhibit your views, beliefs or opinions. Long before real equality for women, I chose to push the boundries.

"Passionate, powerful and persuasive" My talks are about growing up on a remote farm, becoming an award winning businesswoman and then being the target of a long term campaign to silence me and ruin my business just for supporting a sensible energy policy for our country.

Available for positive, motivational and inspirational talks and training. I tailor my presentations to suit your requirements for conferences, events and in house work. 

"The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity, the optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty"

Winston Churchill.

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Subjects for presentations

Motivational, Educational and Informative Speaker, delivered with humour! 

How to build a more confident, motivated and knowledgeable workforce that can deliver its full potential through the media, public speaking and social media to promote your company as a more caring, environmentally aware and concerned business.

  • Farming & Tourism: From growing up in poverty to running both successful farming and tourism businesses. 


  • Energy: how many people understand or even think about where their electicity comes from? Do people undertsand how important energy and electricity is to our way of life, or even understand the difference between the two? I have a wide experience and have studied extensively about our energy supplies, the future and the pitfalls.


  • Educational presentations about climate change, energy and our carbon footprint. How we can all do our bit to help the planet. Your workforce are your window to the world, how can they help promote your business as being environmentally aware and use their actions as a positive selling point? 
  • Public speaking, confidence and promotional skills, I help bring out the best in your workforce.


Lorraine is an amazing speaker, a pure natural who had me hanging on every word. I love her ability to be able to deliver her message with gravitas whilst mixing in her personality and humour


Martyn Gill, Motivational speaker & entrepreneur